Play eSports games for PS4, XBOXONE, PC or Mobile

and earn money.

Be a real ProGamer...



Create a match or join a pending match

Select the game you want to play (Fifa, CoD, LoL, PUBG, etc...) and the gaming platform (PS4, XBOXONE, PC or Mobile). Set the entry price to participate on this match and wait for the opponent.


Wait for opponents

The match you just created will be displayed at the launch of the app and a notification will be send the potential opponents. If some player is interested to play against you, you will receive a notification and the potential opponent will be displayed on the list of opponents.





Receive your prize 🤑🤑🤑

After you accept your opponent, you should chat with your opponent (clicking on the "chat" icon) and organize with your opponent how you will proceed with the match. When the match over, you should fill the form and take a picture to prove that result.

If you send a different result than your opponent, the match will be review by our support team, and based on the proofs, a decision will be taken by us.


About us

Who are we?

This project aims to give the opportunity to all the gamers earn money by playing their favorite games.

Using our mobile app, you will be able to find other players play against, earn some money or at least just having fun.

The business model of our app is based on commissions when a prize is received by the winner. So, in the case of a draw, nobody will receive any prize, the entry price is sending back to the wallet of the players.

The first release of this app was at 17/06/2020, so is normal that at the beginning will be hard to find opponents, but we will do our best to convince more players to join us, and so, will be much faster to find opponents. Help us to get known and share our app through your social networks, we will appreciate that gesture :)